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Note from Your Lobbying Team

We just got over two big deadlines for bill introductions - nearly 400 bills were introduced in the last 10 days! With this, we now have a good idea of the policy issues that will be debated between now and sine die, as only emergency measures will be introduced going forward. We now shift our focus to hearings and amendments to the bills at hand. The next deadline is April 14, which is when bills need to pass out of the committee in their house of origin.

Cancellation of Contract by Electronic Transmission

Keith Kelley Testifies at the 2017 Nevada LegislatureAs mentioned in a previous Advocate, SB255 would allow a purchaser to cancel a contract after reviewing the CC&Rs via electronic transmission. Current law only allows a cancellation in person or by USPS mail.

The bill was heard in Senate Judiciary on March 31. Legislative Chairman Keith Kelley testified in support of this bill. NVAR Legal Counsel Tiffany Davis presented an amendment to remove section 9 of the bill, as discussions between NVAR and CAMEO (the group representing HOA management companies) did not reach a consensus on that language. However, both groups have committed to work on a solution during the interim.

Postlicensing to Be Completed Within 6 Months

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, SB285 would change the length of time a new licensee has to complete the required postlicensing education from 1 year to 6 months.

The bill was heard by the Senate Commerce, Labor and Energy Committee on March 31. Legislative Chairman Keith Kelley testified in support of the bill. It passed out of committee earlier today and we expect it to be re-referred to the Senate Finance Committee.

Protection for Properties Destroyed by a Natural Disaster

As you know, property taxes are calculated based on the value of the land plus depreciated replacement cost of the improvements. However, if more than 10% of the improvements are replaced, it resets the replacement cost of the improvements to the new value.

When a single-family residence is partially or completely destroyed by a natural disaster (such as floods, fires, or mudslide), the resulting loss of depreciation accrued on the residence causes a severe economic hardship to the homeowner by increasing the property taxes. SB352 would provide that the necessary rebuilding of the residence not be considered a new improvement for the purpose of calculating property taxes as long as:

  • the natural disaster is declared a disaster by the Governor
  • the new residence is owner-occupied
  • the new residence is on the same parcel of property as the one that was partially or completely destroyed
  • a building permit was issued for the residence within 3 years after the partial or complete destruction of the previous residence
  • the floor area of the new residence does not exceed 110% of the floor area of the previous residence

NVAR supports this measure. The bill was heard in Senate Revenue and Economic Development on March 28.

Property Taxes Discussions

Since the beginning of session, we have seen numerous presentations and bill introductions regarding property taxes. We have already reported on some (February 17 Advocate, March 10 Advocate), and now we have another bill to talk about.

ACR7 would direct the Legislative Commission to create a committee to conduct a study concerning property taxes. The Committee would include 6 legislators, and be required to submit a report of the results of the study as well as any recommended legislation prior to the 2019 legislative session.

NVAR is monitoring this bill. It was heard in Assembly Legislative Operations and Elections on March 30.


The 79th Session of the Nevada Legislature began on February 6, 2017, and will adjourn sine die on June 6, 2017.

# of BDRs 1164
# of Senate Bills 542
# of Assembly Bills 519
Bills Tracked by NVAR 59
3/20 Bill Introductions by Legislators (204)
3/27 Bill Introductions by Committees (180)
4/14 First House Committee Passage
4/25 First House Passage
5/1 Economic Forum
5/19 Second House Committee Passage
5/2 Second House Passage
6/5 Sine Die
March 31, 2017 EDITION

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