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Note from Your Lobbying Team

We had another big deadline on Tuesday this week, by which time bills had to pass out of their house of origin (unless exempt). Legislators were on the Assembly floor and Senate floor for many hours on Monday and Tuesday in order to pass important measures out of their respective houses. In the end, only 16 bills didn't make it through this particular deadline.

Procedurally, we have now started seeing bills being heard in the second house committees. Committees have until May 19 to hear and pass bills.

We are also starting to see some budgets getting closed, and any revenue conversation will start once the Economic Forum issues their report on May 1. More on that next week.

Cancellation of Contract by Electronic Transmission

SB255, the bill that would allow a purchaser to cancel a contract electronically after reviewing the resale package, was heard in the Assembly Judiciary Committee on April 27. Keith Kelley, NVAR's Legislative Chairman, testified in support of the bill.

Assemblywoman Jauregui asked about the resale package expiration as well as the possibility of having uniform fees. NVAR's Lobbyist Jenny Reese told the committee that NVAR will be working on this issue during the interim, in collaboration with other interested parties.

Real Estate Administration Budget

On April 28, the Senate Finance and Assembly Ways and Means Subcommittes on General Government considered the Real Estate Administration budget. One item of note was the change in funding source for 6 positions (2 investigators and 4 administrative positions). Those positions had been funded through Mortgage Settlement monies, and the proposed budget would have those positions funded through the general fund. The subcommittees approved this funding change.

The budget requested is $709,477 over the biennium. The subcommittees approved the budget, and it is now considered closed.

Foreclosure on Veterans' Properties

SB33, introduced on behalf of the Governor's office, would prevent a mortgage servicer from conducting a foreclosure if the borrower is a servicemember and is on active duty or deployment. NVAR worked with the Governor's office to ensure that HOAs would also be prohibited from foreclosing on such a servicemember, and the Senate Judiciary Committee amended the bill to that effect.

SB33 was heard by the Assembly Judiciary Committee on April 27. Assemblyman Anderson requested that the language be clarified that those restrictions would apply to non-judicial foreclosures as well as judicial foreclosures. The Governor's office indicated that they would be amenable to such an amendment.

HOA Courtesy Notices to Include Explanation, Photo

SB258 would authorize an HOA to send a written notice to cure an alleged violation without the imposition of a fine, and the notice would have to include an explanation and photo if the alleged violation relates to a physical condition.

The measure was heard by the Assembly Judiciary Committee on April 27. There was no opposition to the bill.


The 79th Session of the Nevada Legislature began on February 6, 2017, and will adjourn sine die on June 6, 2017.

# of BDRs 1212
# of Senate Bills 542
# of Assembly Bills 521
Bills Tracked by NVAR 67
3/20 Bill Introductions by Legislators (204)
3/27 Bill Introductions by Committees (180)
4/14 First House Committee Passage (256)
4/25 First House Passage (16)
5/1 Economic Forum
5/19 Second House Committee Passage
5/26 Second House Passage
6/5 Sine Die
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