Volume 5, Issue 17: September 28, 2012

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Did You Know...that 25% of REALTORS® in Delaware are not registered to vote?  If you're one of the 1 out of 4 REALTORS® in the state who are not registered to vote what are you waiting for?  There are only 2 weeks left before the October 13th deadline to vote in the November general election!  Your vote can impact your business so please take a minute and register to vote online by clicking on THIS LINK to the Delaware Department of Elections!

Invest in the REALTOR® Party Today!  The REALTOR® Party needs you. Take a moment to watch this video and find out how together we can make a difference.

Video: I'm Sold 

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Check This Out:  DelawareHousingSearch.org is new resource to find and list affordable housing, and it also provides links to housing resources in Delaware. 

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Federal News In Case You Missed It:

FHA Eases Some Condo Loan Limits:  FHA is taking steps to ease some of its restrictions on condo financing. Among them is an increase in the number of units in a building investors can buy, up to half of the units, up from just 10 percent before. And FHA will allow financing on projects in which half the space is used for non-residential commercial purposes, up from just a quarter before. Changes to matters relating to HOA dues and board certifications are also designed to ease financing restrictions. Still unchanged, though, are some key restrictions, including owner-occupancy limits, which still prohibit financing unless at least half the units are owner-occupied, and FHA financing limits, which prohibit financing if already half the units in a project have FHA loans. But FHA says it’s working on further changes, so look for more from the agency in the future. For more info contact Megan Booth, 202/3831222.

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