Volume 6, Issue 13:  May 31, 2013

JOIN US FOR LEGISLATIVE ACTION DAY IN DOVER on JUNE 12 at 11:30am:  Please join us at Legislative Hall on Tuesday, June 18th beginning at 11:30 a.m. for DAR's Annual Legislative Action Day.  Legislative Action Day is an important opportunity to show our commitment to the issues facing Delaware and our state's housing industry.  Join your fellow REALTORS® and hear from leaders in both the House and Senate about key issues that affect your ability to do business.  After lunch is the perfect time to meet individually with your local representatives and let them know how issues they are considering impact you, your clients and your community. Be sure to arrive early to clear security and remember to bring a picture ID.  To RSVP or for more information, please contact Maria Evans at Maria@delawarerealtor.com or 734-4444. We will be in the second floor House hearing room and are limited to the first 50 due to room size.
TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!  The Delaware Real Estate Commission Is Looking For Input:  The Delaware Real Estate Commission is asking for recommendations regarding changes to the Seller’s Disclosure of the Real Property Condition Report.  You can email your recommendations to Rick Allamong at rick@andytoday.com. All recommendations must be received by TODAY!
Legislation of Interest:
HS 1 for HB 120:  This bill was introduced on May 9th and has already been substituted:  Synopsis: This Act requires auctioneer and auction firm licensing and creates a commission to license auctioneers and auction firms and to oversee their activities. You can read HS 1 for HB 120 HERE.
HB 95: This bill was introduced in the House and has been Amended: AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 7 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO CONSERVATION AND  ENVIRONMENTAL LIENS. Synopsis:  This Act provides the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control with the authority to impose environmental liens on real property in an effort to recover taxpayers’ money expended by the State in order to investigate and clean up contaminated properties in circumstances where the property owners who caused the contamination have failed to do so.  Please read HB 95 w/ HA 1 HERE.
HB 92: This bill has passed the House of Representatives 38-0 with 3 absent and has been amended, and has passed out of the Community/County Affairs Committee in Senate:  Synopsis:  This bill amends the landlord/tenant code to permit the use of a surety bond in place of a security deposit.  Instead of paying a refundable security deposit, a tenant may, if the landlord permits, purchase a nonrefundable “surety bond” for a percentage of the security deposit amount.  The issuer of the surety bond would then be liable to the landlord in the event the tenant does not pay for any damages sustained by the landlord due to non-payment of rent, breach of lease, or damage to the rental property.  You can read HB 92 w/HA 1 HERE
HB 70:  This bill has passed the House of Representatives 41-0 and passed out of the Senate Community/County Affairs Committee:  Synopsis:  This Bill recognizes the importance of properly functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in keeping tenants safe by expressly prohibiting a tenant from removing or tampering with a properly functioning detector installed in the rental unit by a landlord.  You can read HB 70 HERE
HS 1 for HB 28:  This bill is STALLED: This bill makes it a crime to operate or attempt to operate a clandestine laboratory defined as any location on or in which a person assembles any chemicals or equipment which are intended to be used to or have been used to unlawfully manufacture a controlled substance or other substance in violation of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act.  Any person convicted would also be responsible for all reasonable costs associated with remediation of the site and any other site resulting from the operation or disposal of substances or materials from a clandestine laboratory. This act is modeled after similar laws from Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Read HS 1 for HB 28 HERE.
The Delaware Legislature will be back in Session the week of June 3rd!
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Federal News In Case You Missed It:

Commercial Seeing Modest Improvement:  Commercial real estate market fundamentals have improved, with vacancy rates and rents seeing modest gain, but financing remains a challenge for small business, NAR says in its latest quarterly commercial real estate forecast. "The wheels appear to be greased for the big players, but not so much for small business," NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun says. "Overall, the commercial sectors are firming nicely, with multifamily continuing to show the best performance." News release

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