Volume 6, Issue 18:  July 3, 2013
Happy Independence Day!
The First Session of the 147th General Assembly Has Ended!  The first half of the 147th General Assembly ended Monday morning around 1:45am.  DAR was there until the very end to make sure that no legislation passed that will hurt your business.  The only bill that affected REALTORS was the last bill considered by the House, Senate Concurrent Resolution #34, that establishes a “Green and Better Building Advisory Committee.”  DAR and the Builder's Association worked together to make sure that in January, when the second half of the session begins, an amendment will be added to the resolution that will give DAR and the Builder's representation on the Committee.  You can read SCR 34 HERE.  The Delaware Legislature will return to action in January of 2014.

NEW DSHA PROGRAMS TO CHECK OUT:  Take a minute to check out the DSHA's First Time Homebuyer's Federal Tax Credit HERE, and their "Advantage 3" program for down payment assistance HERE.

ONE MORE TIME AGAIN BECAUSE IT'S THAT IMPORTANT:  Major Changes to National Flood Insurance Program!  Devastating rate hikes could be on their way! Please take 4 minutes and 39 seconds out of your day to watch an important video from NAR about the changes to the National Flood Insurance Program.  The video will tell you what properties are affected and why.  CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO!
From the News Journal:  Towns worry about a 25% jump in federal flood insurance costs:  Read the story HERE.
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Federal News In Case You Missed It:  
Legislative Update on Tax Reform:  From NAR:  On June 27th the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Max Baucus (D-MT) and Ranking Member Orrin Hatch (R-UT) announced their plan for tax reform legislation in the United States Senate.  A letter to all Senators announced their intention to “mark-up” (create legislation in the committee) a tax reform bill this fall and that they would be starting with a “blank slate.” This proposal mirrors the path outlined by Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) in the House of Representatives. Read more HERE!
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