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Vote Yes on Proposal 1 for Strong & Safe Communities

This election year, there are a few proposals slated to be on November’s ballot. One in particular addresses long-standing problems for Michigan’s small businesses and our local communities. It would eliminate the Personal Property Tax (PPT) for Michigan’s small businesses, while creating a more stable funding system to pay for important local community services.

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District Director Elections - Nominations Open Until July 18 

Realtors® (based on home address) in Congressional districts 1, 4, 6, 9, 11 and 14 have the opportunity to vote for their director, who will serve as a representative on the Michigan Realtors® board of directors. This is a One Realtor® One Vote election. Plurality wins. Voting will begin on September 3, 2014. If you are eligible and interested in running for your district, nominations will be held open until July 18, 2014.

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Which Shiny Thing is the Right One for My Business?

By Craig Grant

The question Realtors® always ask me is: “How can I figure out which technology tools will help me to improve my business the most?” Technology experts like me could recommend hundreds of tools that may make you more efficient, proficient, reduce your costs and more. In fact, a response I often get from some people who attend my classes is: “There’s so much cool stuff, where do I start?” 

What I tell everyone is that there are not enough hours in the day or dollars in your pocket to do everything. Start small and figure out which tools you think will improve your business the most first, implement those and then build on it from there. But the question is, with so many shiny, cool tools and options out there these days, how do you really figure out which shiny object should be the first you implement into your business?

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Fillable Real Estate Forms Available on

Michigan Realtors® now provides fillable forms in PDF format. For best results:

  1. IMPORTANT: Download the most recent version of Acrobat Reader here: 
  2. Right click a desired PDF form, then save to your computer's desktop. 
  3. From your computer's desktop, open the PDF form in Acrobat Reader. 
  4. Remember to save your forms often and always keep a blank copy on hand.
To access our complete forms library, visit the Business Tools page, then click the Forms tab. You will be directed to the Member Services page and must login using your NRDS ID and password.

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An Important Update for Our Appraiser Members

A spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (“DLARA”) recently represented that appraisal management companies (“AMC’s”) are required to be licensed to operate in Michigan. This representation is certainly correct, as Act 505 of the Public Acts of 2012 became effective on April 1, 2014 to impose such a requirement (the “Act”). Unfortunately, as recently reported by DLARA, 106 applications for licensure have been filed and DLARA has issued only 56 licenses due to application issues. Obviously, there is a delay in processing. This delay creates some difficulty in ascertaining whether an AMC is properly operating in Michigan. 

The spokesperson for DLARA has also represented that a Michigan licensed appraiser who provides appraisals pursuant to an independent contractor relationship with an unlicensed AMC will be guilty of “aiding and abetting” in the commission of a violation of the law. The Act is part of Article 26 of the Occupational Code, and Article 26 provides it is a violation if an appraiser licensee aids and abets another to violate Article 26. “Aids and abets” is generally understood to mean to assist or facilitate a crime.

Hopefully, all AMCs seeking to operate in Michigan will be able to quickly complete the application process and become properly licensed under the Act. In the meantime, licensed appraisers acting as independent contractors for an AMC should check DLARA’s licensing website to make certain any AMC for whom they contract to do work is licensed. While DLARA has announced it is currently not enforcing the Act against unlicensed AMCs and licensed appraisers working with them, presumably this situation will end when the processing backlog ends.

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How a Single Goal Can Make You #1 in Your Market

By Ron Albert

When I started working as a real estate coach, one of my first clients explained her goal to me about as simply as it could be said: “I want to be the number one agent in my 20-agent office.” 

I told her great and that the battle was half over because she actually had a goal. She knew exactly what she wanted. The saying goes that a journey of a 1,000 miles starts with a single step and that first step in this case was her goal.   

Then we got to work: we implemented some key business systems, hired the right people, built a team around solid core values and 18 months later not only was she the number one agent in her office, but also the number two agent in the entire city.

Read full story in June MIREALTOR® Online

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Legal Lines – Seller Disclosure Statement
With the help of McClelland & Anderson, we are taking the most recently asked questions from our legal hotline and putting them in E-news. We will be featuring a different question each issue.

Is a landlord required to provide a seller disclosure statement in connection with a residential lease that is longer than one year?

A seller disclosure statement is not required in connection with a residential lease of real estate unless it is a lease with an option to purchase. (On the other hand, an agency disclosure form is required in connection with a residential lease.)

For more Legal Q&A, visit the new Legal Resources Web site

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Featured Member Benefit: Store Member Discount

We want to help you save money on the tools you need. You are entitled to 10 percent off your entire Store purchase. Simple type in the promotional code Mi2 and the amount will automatically will be discounted. You can also apply the promotional code to phone and fax orders. It really is that easy to save money, and with this simplicity, there is no reason not to use the code and save! Visit the Store to view available products. Don’t forget to use your discount by typing in Mi2 at checkout!

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In this issue:

Notice: Effective May 1st, 2014, Michigan Realtors® discontinued our P.O. Box service. Our mailing address is 720 N. Washington Avenue, Lansing, MI 48906. Please remove P.O. Box 40725 from your records and mailing lists. Thank you.

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