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CE Marketplace Licensee Portal – Earn, Track, Renew

The clock is ticking! Will you be ready for the October 31, 2015 renewal of your license? The Michigan Realtors® expect the new reporting guidelines for renewal from the department in the next couple of weeks; however, we know your continuing education requirement hasn’t changed. You will need 18 hours of continuing education total, with 2 hours of legal each year for your real estate license renewal. To assist you in preparation for renewal we have created the CE Marketplace licensee portal for tracking continuing education hours. The portal will allow you to create and access a profile with information on CE Marketplace certified credit hours, credit hours reported to LARA in 2013 and 2014, and provide you the ability to enter information on continuing education you have taken through a third party.
To get started with CE Marketplace, please register online by using your active license number to generate a registration “token” email for you to complete the registration process.
Missing some credits? Access the CE Marketplace calendar to search for classes based on speaker, topic, credit type, and more through the advanced search option.
We’re dedicated to bringing you the benefits of this progressive new tracking system. If you have any questions, we're here for you at CE Marketplace, 844.MI.CONED (844.642.6633).

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Convention & Expo is Only 8 Weeks Away…Register and Save!

Join fellow Realtors® and industry professionals this fall in Detroit as we unite to shape the future of real estate. The 2015 Michigan Realtors® Convention & Expo takes place September 30 through October 2nd at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center. The hotel room block is filling up fast! Register online before September 14th to lock in early rates.

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Quick Survey – Convention & Expo Poster

Did you notice the 6-page Convention & Expo poster in the August issue of Michigan Realtor® Magazine and did you read it??


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Professional Standards Focus: Refusal to Abide By an Award in Arbitration

In respect to a member agreeing and submitting to arbitration but then refusing to abide by the award, the Board should not, in the first instance of such refusal by a member, initiate a disciplinary proceeding except where an Association has adopted procedures requiring non-prevailing parties to pay awards or deposit an equivalent amount with the Association within a specified time. Rather, the Board should encourage the award recipient to seek enforcement of the award in the courts, and suggest that a request by made for payment of legal costs in seeking judicial enforcement.

If an individual repeatedly refuses to abide by awards in arbitration for reasons which, in the reasonable judgment of the Board, reflect a willful purpose to frustrate the intent of Article 17 rather than a purpose to ensure due process, the Board may initiate disciplinary proceedings for violation of Article 17. Such proceedings will be in addition to, and not in lieu of, Board support of judicial enforcement of the award by the award recipient.

The reasons for a policy under which the primary responsibility for the enforcement of the award rests with the beneficiary of that award (with the support, financial or otherwise, of the Board are as follows:

  1. Although arising out of voluntary membership, the mandatory membership obligation imposed by the Code inherently involves some limit on a Realtor®’s right to redress in the courts. Therefore, the policy is justified only in instances where state law recognizes the right to enter into binding arbitration agreements and only on terms consistent with state law.
  2. In instances where binding arbitration is authorized by law, the law provides that the person against whom the arbitration award is made is entitled to certain limited defenses against efforts to enforce the award. These defenses include lack of procedural due process, refusal to allow counsel to be present at the hearing, etc. Although courts are generally reluctant to set aside awards in arbitration, they will do so in instances where the arbitration procedure is found to be defective.
  3. Efforts by the Board to use suspension or termination of membership to induce a participant in an arbitration procedure to abide by that award can be, and frequently are, viewed as effective foreclosure of the defenses available under the arbitrations laws; that is, the member against whom the arbitration award is entered is faced with the choice of either acquiescing to an arbitration procedure which he/she deems procedurally or legally defective or suffering serious injury through the deprivation of valuable membership services.

Board action to suspend or terminate a member for failure to abide by an arbitration award creates an unnecessary risk of serious legal liability.

If the member is suspended and ultimately the member’s claim of defective arbitration is upheld by the court, then the suspension was unwarranted, the denial of Board services unjustified and the damage suffered is the responsibility of the Board. On the other hand, if arbitration is valid, then a simple proceeding in court by the recipient of the arbitration award will produce a judicially enforceable award with no risk to the Board. If a Board is concerned about vindicating its arbitration procedures at a minimal cost, it may consider reimbursing the recipient of the award for any cost incurred in seeking judicial enforcement when the costs are not reimbursed by the court.

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Rural Area Agents Cover All the Bases for Residential and Commercial Clients

Hometown real estate agents are quintessential multi-taskers, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to meet the needs of their rural communities. Here at Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®), we recently heard an entertaining tale of a Realtor®, working in a one-traffic-light town, who exemplifies that “do what it takes” spirit.

Read full story

Upcoming Webinar
RPR Advanced: 10 Ways to Earn More Business than Your Competition
October 15, 2015 at 2:00 PM EDT.

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Ten Things to Know About Identity Theft and Your Taxes

The IRS has recently issued some Summertime Tax Tips. The first tip this summer is Ten Things to Know about Identity Theft and Your Taxes. The Tax Tip focuses on tax related ID theft and provides information on what to report to the IRS if you are a victim. But, it also includes some general reminders such as protect your records and don’t fall for scams.   

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Legal Lines – Question of the Month

With the help of McClelland & Anderson, we are taking the most recently asked questions from our legal hotline and putting them in E-News. We will be featuring a different question each issue.

I am listing a 10-acre residential property that is traversed by a utility easement. The easement will service a housing development in the near future. Is my seller required to disclose this easement?       
YES. The Seller Disclosure Act requires that a seller of residential property disclose any easements affecting that property.    

For more Legal Q&A, visit our Legal Resources Web site 

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Featured Member Benefit: Store Member Discount

We want to help you save money on the tools you need. You are entitled to 10 percent off your entire Store purchase. Simple type in the promotional code Mi2 and the amount will automatically will be discounted. You can also apply the promotional code to phone and fax orders. It really is that easy to save money, and with this simplicity, there is no reason not to use the code and save! Visit the Store to view available products. Don’t forget to use your discount by typing in Mi2 at checkout!

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September 2, 2015
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