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Last Chance to Win an Apple Watch – Respond to Call For Action

A big thank you to all who have taken action on NAR’s Patent Troll Call for Action. Michigan is just shy of reaching our 20% participation goal!

Please forward this Call for Action to your agents and colleagues, and urge them to take action! By simply participating in this Call for Action, members have a chance to win an Apple Watch!    
The National Association of REALTORS®, along with the Michigan Realtors® continues to ask that you contact your U.S. Representative and urge them to support common sense patent reform that protects innocent businesses from patent trolls. Main Street businesses, including real estate, have been forced to divert resources to fight off frivolous patent infringement claims, instead of investing in our economy here at home. Comprehensive patent reform legislation that addresses this issue will do much to protect our members and promote the main street economy.

 **By participating in this Call to Action, you will automatically be entered into a drawing to win an Apple Watch!**

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Jamie Gregory to Speak at RPAC Appreciation Breakfast

Due to a last minute scheduling conflict, NAR’s Chief Lobbyist Jerry Giovaniello is unable to attend the upcoming RPAC Appreciation breakfast during the Michigan Realtors® Convention & Expo. However, we are delighted to announce that Jamie Gregory, NAR’s Deputy Chief Lobbyist, will now be our featured speaker!

Mr. Gregory is a member of NAR’s government affairs division and is responsible for managing the Congressional lobbying staff.  He participates in providing strategic advice on public policy issues facing NAR, and provides guidance for the Independent Expenditure and Public Advocacy programs.

We are excited to have the opportunity to hear about legislative proposals impacting our industry at the federal level in Washington D.C., and what issues NAR is fighting for or against on behalf of the membership.

Due to limited space and increased demand, RPAC Investors of $200 or more are invited to attend this special event. If you haven’t invested in RPAC yet, now is your chance. You won’t want to miss this event!

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2016 District Director Elections – Remember to vote!

Online voting for the 2016 Michigan Realtors® District Director Elections is open from now until October 1, 2015. Realtors® (based on home address) in Congressional districts  2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11*, 12, and 13 have the opportunity to vote for their director, who will serve as a representative on the Michigan Realtors® Board of Directors. This is a One Realtor® One Vote election. Plurality wins.

View candidates and vote online here

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License Renewal Information Now Available

CE Marketplace, a division of Michigan Realtors®, would like to pass on information from LARA on the renewal process for all licensees.  There are some key areas we would like to inform you of to help you prepare for your renewal.  You will receive your renewal notice from the State of Michigan via standard mail within the next week.
  • License renewals and continuing education requirements are due to the State of Michigan by October 31, 2015.
  • The department has stated they will audit approximately 10% of licensees.  If audited, you will be required to submit your continuing education course information.
  • All licensees are responsible for tracking their continuing education hours.
  • The department will not take calls on how may continuing education hours you have completed. Please make sure to contact CE Marketplace for assistance. You may visit the website to get started or call 844.642.6633.
  • If you need additional continuing education hours to complete your requirement, classes are available through our CE Marketplace class schedule at
  • You will be required to affirm the statement that you have completed your continuing education for the licensing cycle.
  • Proof of completed continuing education hours will be required upon audit but will not be included with your license renewal application.

Here are the guidelines for the number of continuing education hours you will need for renewal.

If you:

  • Renewed your license in 2012 – or-
  • Were issued a new license between 7/1/2012 – 10/31/2013 –or-
  • Were relicensed between 7/1/2012 -10/31/2013
  • Then you need:
  • 6 hours (2 hours each year) of CE that involves law, rules & court cases regarding real estate.
  • 12 hours of other CE
  • For a total of 18 hours of CE prior to renewing your license in 2015.
If you:
  • Were issued a new license between 11/1/2013 – 10/31/2014 –or-
  • Were relicensed between 11/1/2013 -10/31/2014
Then you need:
  • 4 hours (2 hours each year) of CE that involves law, rules & court cases regarding real estate.
  • 8 hours of other CE
  • For a total of 12 hours of CE prior to renewing your license in 2015.
If you:
  • Were issued a new license between 11/1/2014 – 7/3/2015 –or-
  • Were relicensed between 11/1/2014 - 7/3/2015
Then you need:
  • 2 hours of CE that involves law, rules & court cases regarding real estate.
  • 4 hours of other CE
  • For a total of 6 hours of CE prior to renewing your license in 2015.
Note: If you hold an associate and/or individual broker license and you have held an active salesperson license between 7/1/2012 - 10/31/2013 you are required to complete the entire 18 hours of CE.
If you were relicensed and used any courses to fulfill the previous year’s CE requirements, those courses cannot be used again for the 2015 renewal.

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Reminder: Convention Hotel Room Block and Early Rates End Soon

Have you registered and booked your room to attend the 2015 Michigan Realtors® Convention & Expo? Join industry experts September 30th through October 2nd in Detroit as we unite to shape the future of the real estate industry.
The hotel room block cut off date for the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center is this Friday, September 11th. Hurry! Nightly room rates will then increase by $100 and will be based on availability after the 11th.
Make a reservation
In addition to the room block, early registration rates end next Monday, September 14th. Take advantage of these discounts and plan your schedule, as we are only three weeks away.
Register online and save

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Meet the 2015 Good Neighbor Award Finalists

Read the 2015 finalists' incredible stories, and help select the Web Choice winner, whose charity will take home an extra $1,000, courtesy of There are two Michigan finalists, which need your help:

John Kersten - Easter Seals Michigan
George S. Lucas - Chikaming Open Lands

Meet the finalists and vote online

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Professional Standards Procedures: What Constitutes Deprivation of Due Process?

Both Ethics and Arbitration hearing procedures must provide due process to all parties. During a hearing, the Chair follows a Procedural Guide, which provides the standard elements of due process. At the end of each hearing all parties are asked two critical questions.

  • Do each of you feel that this hearing was conducted fairly?
  • Have each of you had an adequate opportunity to testify, present evidence and witnesses, and conduct cross-examination?

This is your opportunity to state any concerns and, if there is merit to the concerns, the hearing panel will take steps to remedy any possible deficiency.

When the hearing is ended and the parties dismissed, the panel then goes into Executive Session and makes a decision as to any violations in an Ethics Hearing or an award in an Arbitration Hearing. After the Decision or Award are finalized and provided to each party, you then have the opportunity to file an Ethics Appeal or and Arbitration Procedural Review.

Deprivation of Due Process consists of:

  • Fraud, coercion, bias, prejudice or evident partiality on behalf of the original hearing panel members.
  • Substantial error on the part of the original hearing panel members with the possibility that the case would have come out differently if the error had not occurred. It does not include technical or clerical mistakes.

Ethics Hearing Appeal Criteria:

  • Bases for appeal by complainant – lack of due process or procedural deficiency. Cannot appeal the fact that the respondent was not found in violation of the Code.
  • Bases of appeal by the respondent – misapplication or misrepresentation of the Code of Ethics; lack of due process or procedural deficiency; or discipline recommended.

Arbitration Hearing Procedural Review Criteria:

  • Lack of due process or procedural deficiency. This is the only bases that either the complainant or respondent can use.  The non-prevailing party cannot appeal the Award itself.

During the Ethics Appeal Hearing or the Procedural Review Hearing the panel can only hear bases for the appeal or procedural review. This is not a venue to re-hear the case itself.

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Legal Lines – Question of the Month

With the help of McClelland & Anderson, we are taking the most recently asked questions from our legal hotline and putting them in E-News. We will be featuring a different question each issue.

I have heard that the Dodd-Frank Act will soon be implementing a new rule known as the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule (TRID). I have also heard that this could affect the manner in which the appraisals are ordered. Am I correct?   
TRID requires that a lender provide a buyer with two new disclosure forms: one at the time the borrower applies for a loan (Loan Estimate), and the other at the time the buyer closes on the loan (Closing Disclosure). The Loan Estimate must be provided to the buyer within three business days after the buyer receives the buyer’s loan application. Under TRID, lenders cannot receive fees nor order appraisals until they get authorization from the buyer to proceed after the buyer has received the Loan Estimate. Therefore, purchase agreements should not contain language that requires buyers to cause the lender to order an appraisal immediately.

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