Week of June 5

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Ohio Senate is meeting this week on taxes and needs to hear from you
Ohio has an opportunity to make a positive, common-sense fix to its antiquated municipal income tax.

Ohio REALTORS are supporting a plan proposed by Gov. John Kasich to use the Ohio Business Gateway as a centralized collection entity to help small business owners meet their tax obligations in a simple, streamlined manner.

Passage of this proposal will allow anyone who earns income in multiple taxing jurisdictions to FILE ONE TAX RETURN through the Ohio Business Gateway. Clean...simple...and a welcome change from the current necessity to send a return to every locales where income was earned. It will save you time, money and--most importantly--help make Ohio more tax friendly!

Ohio Senators have told Ohio REALTOR staff they need to hear from YOU. If you haven't already done so, respond today.


Legally speaking: Can a buyer get a ‘do-over’ after rejecting a counter?
This question involves contracts…

Q: A buyer made an offer which the sellers countered. The buyer told his agent he was rejecting this counteroffer and the buyer’s agent communicated this fact to the listing agent. The next day the buyer called his agent and told her he had reconsidered and really wanted the house after all. The agent immediately called the listing agent, only to find out that the sellers were accepting another offer. When the first buyers learned this they hurriedly signed the sellers’ counteroffer and their agent hand delivered it to the listing agent’s office. Do the sellers have a legally enforceable contract with the first buyer?

Ohio REALTOR legal seminar coming to a locale near you!
In today’s ever-changing climate, it’s more important than ever for Ohio’s REALTOR community to keep abreast of the latest information. Your Ohio REALTORS is offering a don’t miss opportunity to learn about state and federal regulatory issues, license law changes, recent legal decisions and industry trends to reduce your risk and potentially increase your earnings! Space is limited (Columbus just sold out today). Don't miss your chance to take advantage of this timely seminar. Register now.

Ohio Housing Market

Home purchase agreements across Ohio reach second-best level in April
Ohio REALTORS report the number of single-family homes and condominiums put under agreement in April 2017 declined 3.8 percent from the level posted during the month a year ago.

Ohio housing market experiences steady sales activity and price gains in April
The rate of homes sold across Ohio in April nearly mirrored the level posted during the month a year ago, falling a negligible 0.3 percent, according to Ohio REALTORS.


REALTOR safety with clients
A throwback from a few years ago…but this NAR video offers timeless insights to help real estate professionals work smart and stay safe!

Coaching Corner

You vs. Listings
Over the years, I have consistently heard comments like “I don’t know how to find the listings,” “I don’t know what to say,” “I don’t want to compete against other agents” and “I just don’t feel confident in talking to a seller.”

Here is the main thing I want to convey — if you properly prepare, you will rapidly gain the authentic confidence that you are seeking!! Each listing consultation is individual, just as each of you are individual in your needs, beliefs and desires. So…treat each appointment individually in your preparation.

Nationwide Insurance Benefit
With Nationwide Insurance, combining just your auto and home policies could save you up to 20%. We have insurance available for other things too, including motorcycles. You'll love the convenience of insuring more with a single insurance company. Plus you'll save with an additional discount you get just for being an OAR member.

Education Courses

Industry, Legal & Legislative Updates (This month ... 6 locations around Ohio)

10-Hour Post Licensure for Salespeople (June 27-28, Columbus ... Instructor: Joyce Willson)

Online Education ... Appraisal and real estate c.e. courses are available online. OAR has a number of options to fit your needs. Courses available 24/7 in any combination from different providers. 30-hour & 9-hour packages are available plus individual courses.

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